Beyn is a fintech company specialising in the design of IT banking solutions to optimise customer relations, digitise processes and manage data.

Our office are located in Luxembourg, Algeria and France.

Beyn has an extensive presence in North Africa with AeBS (Algeria e-Banking Services) established in 2004. More than ten banks in Algeria have placed their trust in our company by cultivating a unique economic partnership. We also have experience in providing support and assistance to more than 200 banks on three continents.

Our teams have a wealth of experience in the financial sector. They will gladly support you throughout the digital banking implementation process.


In an ever-changing world, it is the values promoted by the team which make a difference. The BEYN group has worked to build a common culture embodied by our four values. These values represent the fundamental principles that drive the entire team and guide our actions – they reflect our vision of the world and our beliefs.

Building Bridges

Technologies are evolving but the objective remains the same: initiate connections between individuals.

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself

We devise solutions that fulfil the needs of our customers. We build the future and strive for excellence.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today

Each generation embraces new technologies – in order to spark enthusiasm, to gain influence and feed the imagination, we must empower young people and open our doors to the world.

The desire to deliver and succeed

We are driven by the satisfaction of delivering what we promised, of meeting the needs of our customers and making them happy.


We endeavour to be a key stakeholder of financial inclusion. We develop our digital tools to further strengthen trust in the banking industry.

Everyday we work to:

  • Support the financial sector in its digital transformation
  • Act in a socially responsible manner
  • Form a partnership with banks to reap the rewards of technology
  • Act daily to allow our customers to fulfil their ambitions



To facilitate exchanges between the bank and its customers:

Two-thirds of the world’s inhabitants are under 40. They are connected, mobile and ever-more demanding. These generations have grown up with the Internet and have access to a broad range of digital services via a smartphone.

Beyn’s solutions allow you to anticipate and incorporate the new consumption patterns adopted by your customers.

To bring about financial inclusion: “Thanks to digital technology, the bank is able to seek out new customers”.

The digitalisation of the means of payment is a powerful lever for financial inclusion; this process is vital for the economic and social development of countries. Technology contributes to lowering the cost of financial services. Moreover, it allows customers located far from any branch network to have direct access to online financial services.

By using our solutions, the bank can accelerate its supporting role in assisting the development of the economy by reaching out to a much wider customer base and offering services tailored to their needs.

To uphold and develop the bank’s position in the financial ecosystem: BEYN is a partner in the development of the banking industry.

We are a stakeholder in the digitalisation of financial services and its wider use. Our products facilitate the financial management for all stakeholders. We provide relevant answers to citizens’ aspirations while helping banks to develop their business.

Please contact us if you need any further information.